"WiQhit has provided us with a lot of insight and revenue!"

“Since our partnership with WiQhit we have succeeded in improving our conversion rate by + 50%.”

Jaap van Baar

\ Jaap van Baar

\ 04-11-2019

\ 3 minuten

Personalized hoodies, drinking cups, bags or baby clothes. At Simply Colors you can design and order your own version from a wide range of articles. To increase the number of orders on the Simply Colors website, WiQhit has created a personalization plan with a number of smart messages. “Since our partnership with WiQhit we have succeeded in improving our conversion rate by + 50%, we are delighted with these results”, said Keeley Edge (Simply Colors UK).






Average Order Value

  *measured between 01-05-2019 and 30-06-2019

Since our partnership with WiQhit we have succeeded in improving our conversion rate by + 50%, we are delighted with these results

Keeley Edge \ Simply Colors UK

Personalizing is key

A personalized gift is very nice to give and to receive. What does WiQhit do to boost the turnover of this webshop? Personalize even more. WiQhit provides a tailor-made plan for Simply Colors with expressions that make the standard site more personal and in line with the visitor’s mindset. By closely mapping the customer journey and assessing where the consumer still needed a little push, this collaboration yields an increase in the number of online sales. “Take the consumer by the hand and remove all possible barriers that they may encounter,” says Jaap van Baar (WiQhit).

Create trust

Not being able to hold articles physically can be a stumbling block for some consumers not to shop online. Simply Colors is a reliable webshop and WiQhit wants to bring this to the fore so that consumers have a minimal chance to drop out during their buying process. By emphasizing on the product page during the purchasing process what Simply Colors stands for, trust is created. Keeley Edge: “We show that we deliver top quality and that buying at Simply Colors always means a unique purchase. As a result, we have experienced a 32.92% increase in sales within this step. ”

Do others also like this?

As a consumer, you sometimes do not know very well whether it is actually nice to give what you want to give as a gift. That is why opinions from other consumers are so important. WiQhit also cleverly responds to this with Simply Colors. By showing extensive reviews from other visitors at the start of the customer journey, the conversion has increased by 53.19%. “By letting visitors read the satisfaction of previous customers, you create trust, so that the customer becomes more certain of his business and makes the purchase”, according to Jaap van Baar.

Need it tomorrow? No problem!

Need a birthday gift for him or her, a Christmas gift or another gift within a day? It often happens that consumers are late in buying gifts. “WiQhit advises us to respond to this by emphasizing that if you order before two o’clock in the afternoon, it will be delivered the next day,” said Keeley Edge. By providing this service and emphasizing this, the number of orders has increased by 49.36% compared to the control group.

Happy customer is simply the best

Keeley Edge: “By winning the trust of customers, by offering good service and by mentioning the benefits of ordering from us, we can ensure we always have happy customers”. In addition, when a visitor is inactive on the checkout page for more than a minute, help is offered after 60 seconds. “Our collaboration has provided us with a lot of insight and revenue,” says Edge.

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